Laity: The Heroes of the Heroes

In the annals of missionary life, the spotlight often shines on the courageous deeds of missionaries braving adversity to spread the Gospel. Yet, behind every missionary’s tale of heroism lies a lesser-known narrative – the support and inspiration provided by the local laity.

Read Fr. Jim Brobst, OMI’s post on the contributions of Laity

Synodality and Oblates in the USA, Part Two

In our first installment, we mentioned how much St. Eugene lived synodality, even though he may not have used the word (Synodality and the Oblates: Part 1). Since the core of synodality is mission, St. Eugene looks over our shoulders as we invest in synodality.  Click here to Read More

Synodality and Oblates in the USA, Part One

Pope Francis is asking every parish, retreat center, house of formation, and Catholic center to discuss synodality. In the seven mandated questions, the fourth asks “How connected do you feel to the core mission of the Church–making disciples for Jesus?” St. Eugene de Mazenod must be agreeing with this on every Catholic being a missionary.   Click Here to Read More

Political Order and the Ethics of Peace (August 15 – September 16, 2022)

The global political order is today confronted with one of its most serious and dangerous crises since 1945.  The violation of ionternational norms and the massive scale of suffering and destruction have prompted vigorous and unprecedented forms of cooperation aimed at attaining a peaceful resolution.  Click here to Read More

Lutheran and Catholic Churches in Sweden Increase Praying Together

Bishop Johan Tyrberg, Diocese of lund Sweden

In this Voices from the Communion interview, Bishop Johan Tyrberg, Diocese of Lund, Church of Sweden, looks back at how a historic ecumenical event that put his home city on the global map five years ago continues to change Lutheran-Catholic relations there. He also reflects on his early education, his interest in natural sciences and acting, and finding his way into theological formation, and eventually the pastoral ministry.  Click Here to Read More

For Ecumenism and Laity in the Oct. 2021 – Oct. 2023 Synod

Thank you for being here for the opening of the Synod.  you have come by many different roads and from different Churches, each bearing your own questions and hopes. I am certain the Spirit will guide us and give us the grace to move forward together, to listen to one another and to embark on a discernment of the times in which we are living, in solidarity with the struggles and aspirations of all humanity.  I wan to say again that eh Synod is not a parliament or an opinion poll; the Synod is an ecclesial event and its protagonist is the Holy Spirit.  If the Spirit is not present, there will be no Synod.  Click Here to Read More

Pioneer Catholic Feminist, (available on Amazon books)

Do you know who is in your own Clod of Witnesses (heb 12:1), the people in your life who have died but still influence you positively in a significant way?  Fr. Harry Winter, O.M.I., Ph.D. traces the history of Virginia’s Governor John Floyd Jr. (1783-1837) and his pioneer feminist wife, Letitia Preston Floyd, *1779-1852) and their descendants to show how their influence is as important for the United States today as President John Adams and his wife, Abigail Adams and their decendants.   Click Here to learn more

Superior General Describes Oblate Role in the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples

The Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate continue to play a significant role in many of the most difficult missions around the world. We are well known and highly regarded in the Church for our availability. although with good humor, we like to joke that we are specialists in making missions difficult, the simple truth is that Oblates are laboring with great zeal in many of the most challenging areas of the globe.    Click Here to learn more

For the Muslim Response to Pope Francis’ Visit  (March 2021)

Pope Francis’s recent trip to Iraq will undoubtably have a lasting impact on the country in ways that only time will tell, however, in the immediate aftermath, a few significant developments can already be seen.  Click Here to learn more

“Ecumenical Vademecum” Statement Animating Christian Unity  (December 3, 2020)

The ministry entrusted to the bishop is a service of unity both within his diocese and of unity between the local church and the universal church. That ministry therefore has special significance in the search for the unity of all Christ’s followers. The bishop’s responsibility for promoting Christian unity is clearly affirmed in the Code of Canon Law of the Latin Church among the tasks of his
pastoral office: “He is to act with humanity and charity toward the brothers and sisters who are not in full communion with the Catholic Church and is to foster ecumenism as it is understood by the Church” (Can 383 §3CIC 1983).  Click Here to learn more

Vatican and World Council of Churches publish dynamite document on COVID

Serving a Wounded World in Interreligious Solidarity.
A Christian Call to reflection and Action During COVID-19 and Beyond   Click Here to learn more

Commentary on Dynamite Document and Season of Creation

Commentary on the Statement “Christian Witness in a Multi-Religious World”  by Harry E. Winter, OMI. Printed in Ecumenical Trends 46 (Oct. 2017, 9):10-11.
Insight by Fernando Velazquez, OMI, May 15, 2017: part of the neglect of this statement comes from the earlier document “Dominus Iesus” (2000). Mission exists in a difficult and creative tension with Unity/Dialogue.  Click Here to learn more

Two Oblate Ecumenists on the Road to Glory

Fr. Waclaw Hrniewicz, OMI

Father Waclaw Hryniewicz, O.M.I., an expert on the Eastern Orthodox Church, died on May 26 at age 83 in Poland. Fr. Jean Gueguen, O.M.I., a promoter of the Taize Community, died on May 24 at age 95 in France.

On March 20, 1995, Hryniewicz was the featured speaker at Oblate College, Washington DC, to open the Oblate Center for Mission Studies. Due to his friendship with Fr. George McLean, O.M.I., Hryniewicz had agreed to speak about developments between the Roman Catholic Church and the Eastern Orthodox Churches.

Click Here to learn more

“Understanding the signs of Our Times”

Fr. George McLean

An interesting article from:  McLean Center Online Seminars
The current pandemic felt by the entire globe has brought not only deep anxieties and fears but also profound quests and search for root causes and answers for our challenging situations socio
political, cultural, ecological, etc. In order to understand the uniqueness and specificity of our times and to look for some resources that may help us deepen our understanding, this special research project intends to explore the philosophicaltheological writings of a special figure, Romano Guardini, one of most important intellectuals of the Catholic tradition in the 20th century.  Click Here to learn more

New Biography on Fr. George McLean has been released!

If you wish to purchase a physical copy, give Matthew Martin a call 210-340-1366 ext 205 or email him at mmartin@ost.edu and he can sell you one for $17.50 plus $5.00 shipping and handling for a total of $22.50.  We take VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.  an electronic version is available.  Click Here to learn more    (link is to large to upload)

Mclean Center Activities — Click Here

Fr. George McLean, OMI — Full Bio — Click Here 

Oblate Missiologist, Tragic and Talented (2018)

His Irish parents and he endured the persecution of the English during his youth in Ireland and England. So when Con Scollen worked with the Native Americans in Canada and the United States, he bluntly told them any treaty from the national governments wasn’t worth the paper it was written on. An Oblate for 26 years, and a diocesan priest for the 17 remaining years of his life, he surpassed his teacher, Father Albert Lacombe, OMI, for his knowledge of Native American languages and culture. He is revered by them today.  Click Here to learn more

Native Peoples indigenous art at the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art (2019)

Thanks to Fr. Seamus Finn, OMI for this related piece.  Click here to watch video

High Point of Bibliographia Missionaria (Dec. 6, 2017)

Thank you for being here for this important moment in the history of the University and our library. We present a volume, 70° c, a unique magazine, Bibliographia Missionaria. Begun in 1935 by Prof. Johannes Baptista Rommerskirchen, OMI, today presents itself as a significant contribution to reflection and research on all things related to the Church’s mission.  Click Here to learn more

Witnessing to Jesus, and Ecumenism at Royal Wedding (May 19, 2018)

African-American Episcopalian Bishop Michael Curry’s sermon at the royal wedding is a marvelous combination of witnessing to Jesus, and Christian Unity. His quoting Jesuit theologian Teilhard de Chardin is unprecedented in such a world-wide event. However, he also is an example of the difficulty within the Anglican Communion, where many find his espousal of same sex marriage and other moral matters to be divisive.  Click here to learn more

Grieving for an Oblate Accomplishment (2018)

For many years, Oblates were accustomed to seeing an annual photo of an Oblate missiologist presenting to the pope a comprehensive bibliography listing every book or article written the previous year on Mission, Ecumenism, Dialogue, Sociology of Religion, etc. Known as Bibliographia Missionaria, this book was of immense aid to anyone  interested in a topic concerning the spread of the Christian faith.  Click Here to learn more

Episcopalian/Anglicans Join Lutherans and Catholics in Reformation Document (2017)

On 31st of October 2017, the final day of the year of the common ecumenical Commemoration of the Reformation, we are very thankful for the spiritual and theological gifts received through the Reformation, a commemoration that we have shared together and with our ecumenical partners globally. Likewise, we begged forgiveness for our failures and for the ways in which Christians have wounded the Body of the Lord and offended each other during the five hundred years since the beginning of the Reformation until today.  Click here to learn more

Four Articles on Oblates and the 50th Anniversary of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal (2017_

December 19, 2017 – Father John Morin, OMI, and the Haitian US Charismatic Renewal  Click Here to learn more

December 10, 2017 – US Oblates and the 50th Anniversary of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal, Part 3:  Hispanic Charismatic Renewal  Click Here to learn more

November 15, 2017 – US Oblates and 50th Anniversary of the Charismatic Renewal, Part Two  Click Here to learn more

September 13, 2017 – US Oblates and the 50th Anniversary of the Charismatic Renewal, Part One  Click Here to learn more

Controversial Article

An important Italian Catholic journal, La Civilta Cattolic, has an English version, and in the July 21 issue, there was a controversial article linking Protestant Fundamentalism with Catholic Integralism in the USA.  An American bishop has responded with an easily readable article, agreeing with some of the author’s insights, by disagreeing with others.  Click Here to learn more

Presbyterians join Lutherans and Roman Catholics   (2017)

Five hundred years after the Reformation, one of Protestantism’s leading branches has officially said it now agrees with the Vatican on the main issue at the root of its split from the Roman Catholic Church.  Click Here to learn more

Luther, Literacy, and Martin Luther King (2017)

(The Conversation) This year marks the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther’s famous 95 theses, which helped spark the founding of the Reformation and the division of Christianity into Protestantism and Catholicism. The Conversation  Click Here to learn more

Four Oblates Praised; Vital Statement Examined at Ecumenical Meeting (2017)

During the National Workshop on Christian Unity, held May 1-4 in Minneapolis, MN, four Oblates were praised and a vital statement concerning Social Justice, Mission, and Ecumenism/Interreligious Dialogue was publicized.  Click Here to learn more

Commentary on the Statement “Christian Witness in a Multi-Religious World”  (2017)

As an ecumenist convinced that Mission is at the heart of Christian Unity, I was stunned at the May 1-4, 2017 National Workshop on Christian Unity (NWCU)to discover that the statement “Christian Witness in a Multi-Religious World” was published in November, 2011. I had never heard of this remarkable, vital and practical accomplishment of the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue, the World Council of Churches, and the World Evangelical Alliance.  Click here to learn more

The 500th Anniversary on the Reformation:  A Year of Unparalleled Opportunity  (2017)

In his new book on Martin Luther: An Ecumenical Perspective, Cardinal Walter Kasper notes that our ideas about Martin Luther have undergone transformations in a number of ways over the past 500 years. Historically, for Catholics, Luther was the church father of Protestantism, the heretic to blame for the division of the Western Church.   Click Here to learn more

Islam and Oblates

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Basics of Islam 

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Archbishop Hebda encourages homework in uniting Catholics and Lutherans (2017)

Most Rev. Bernard Hebda, Roman Catholic archbishop of St. Paul/Minneapolis, delivered these remarks at the joint serve led by two Lutheran bishops at Central Lutheran Church, Minneapolis, MN on Jan. 22, 2017.  His remarks set the spirit, though, for the entire year to come when on Jan. 21, 2018, one of the Lutheran bishops will speak at Hebda’s cathedral.  Read of his inspiring and joyful presentation.  Click Here to learn more

Oblate School of Theology Reformation Achievement:   (2017)

Rev. Paul Ziese, Pastor of San Antonio, Tx’s MacArthur Lutheran Church:  “There is probably more openness among Catholics to the need for reformation, and more Protestants recognize the wound of the Reformation.”   Click Here to learn more