Five Ways – Apr 24

April 16, 2024

Although the column below “Five Hundred Years of Misunderstanding” was originally written by Fr. Ron Rolheiser on April 17, 2017, it was republished on our OMI USA website on April 10 (below). It is still very, very relevant, especially during the Easter season when the joy of the Risen Christ unites all Christians and urges us to work for unity among Christians–unity for the sake of evangelization. Fr. Rolheiser’s website on spirituality has many other very interesting columns.

And speaking of Easter joy, here is an item from the May-June Joyful Noiseletter that may bring a smile to your face:  “Three Animals Go to Heaven. A horse, a dog, and a cat die and go to heaven.  St. Peter greets them at the pearly gates and takes them to see God, seated on His throne.

  God asks the horse ‘Why do you think we should let you into heaven?’ ‘I worked hard all my life,’ the horse replied. ‘I broke my back tilling the earth and bringing in the harvest, year after year.’

‘Fine,’ God said.  ‘Come on in.’

‘And you?’ God addressed the dog.

‘I was loyal to my master,’ the dog replied. ‘I hunted with him, protected his family, and lay by his side every day when he was sick.’

‘Good,’ God said. ‘You are welcome to enter.’

God then looked at the cat and asked, ‘And what about you/’

‘You’re sitting in my chair,’ the cat replied.” 

Search for the website of The Joyful Noiseletter for the Fellowship of Merry Christians and more joyful spirituality.

Many thanks to those who responded to the March 20 Five Ways e-letter. May the Forty Days of Easter bring us all closer together.

Fr. Winter

Five Hundred Years of Misunderstanding by Fr. Ron Rolheiser, OMI