Five Ways – Mar 24

Mar 20, 2024

The Muslim article below is a bit long. At least take a look at the beginning and end, to see that moderate Muslims are very interested in working with other religions to protect our planet.  Fr. Jack Lau, O.M.I., who sent this to me, calls it a sibling to Pope Francis’ Lodato Si, which also begs us to better protect our environment.

On Feb. 29, I was able to take part in a Faith Leaders Conference at the Christian evangelical Gordon College, in nearby Wenham, MA.  This college is to the east coast what Fuller Theological, Pasadena, CA is to the west coast, and reminds us to pay more attention to the missionary efforts of Protestant evangelicals and Catholic charismatics right here.

On Easter Sunday, please notice those who attend, after being absent since at least Christmas.  Gently invite them back for Divine Mercy Sunday April 7.

If Muslims invite you to join them in breaking their fast during Ramadan (until April 9) consider accepting.  If a Jewish friend invites you to their Seder Meal for Passover (about April 23-30), consider accepting.  And if an evangelical Protestant invites you to join them for the Easter Sunrise service, March 31,  consider accepting.

Many thanks to those who commented on the February 21 Five Ways.  And may each of us have a very joyful Triduum and Easter Sunday!

Fr. Harry Winter O.M.I.

Al-Mizan, A Covenant for the Earth