Five Ways – Dec 23

Evangelization and Christmas

December 18, 2023

Yesterday, Sunday, Dec. 17, our 11 am Mass was full for the first time since before covid. The attraction was the annual children’s Christmas Pageant, presented by the Faith Formation Director and the Music Director. It struck me how many of those attending were not practicing Catholics and perhaps not even Christian, the aunts and uncles and grandparents and close friends of the children. (We used Louise Egan’s “The First Christmas,” available on the internet).

Christmas is an ideal time for evangelization. May we go out of our way to welcome those who are sniffing around for hope. With the wars between Israel and Hamas, and between Russia and the Ukraine, people do look for strength. Let us pray for these people especially as they attend Christmas Mass.
As the Christmas dinner winds down, when coffee and dessert are being served, it is a special time to ask the oldest person there “What was the best Christmas you ever had?” I am sure Jesus will enter into the conversation.

I welcome hearing about your attempts to witness to Jesus at Christmas. And many, many thanks to those who commented on the Nov. 20 Five Ways.

May you have the best of Christmases and New Years.

In Christ’s love,

Fr. Harry Winter, O.M.I.