Five Ways – Sep 23

Monday, Sept. 25, 2023

Many thanks to those who responded to the August 28 Five Ways item.  In it I noted that September began with the Ecumenical aspect of the Season of Creation, on you tube.  The month of September also ends, Saturday, with The Ecumenical Vigil of Prayer, on the steps of St. Peter’s Basilica, Rome, to begin the October Synod.  You may google “Ecumenical Vigil of Prayer,” to see how young people especially will participate in it.  And the Vatican website ( will tell you how to watch on you tube this important service which is scheduled for 5-7 pm Rome time, Sept. 30.

Below you will see an attack on the very concept of synodality, and my response to it (in both English and Spanish).  Please note that on the Mission-Unity-Dialogue website ( the five earlier postings on synodality are now available on their own page, on the right of the home page.

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In Christ’s love,

Fr. Harry Winter, O.M.I.

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