Five Ways – Feb 23

February 14, 2023 Five Ways Newsletter

First, Pope Francis visit to South Sudan, Africa, Feb. 4-5, was extraordinary. At the
request of the South Sudanese government, he was accompanied by the Archbishop
of Canterbury Justin Welby (Anglican, Episcopalian in USA) and the Moderator of the
Church of Scotland, Rt. Rev. Iain Greenshields (Presbyterian/Reformed).

The secular media noted that this is the first time ever that the three leaders of different
Christian Churches went together. And they noted that it was not the idea of those
Churches, but of the government of the nation visited. A government official realized
that 60% of the population of South Sudan belongs to these three Churches.

How can each of us promote such efforts at Mission and Unity in the future?

Secondly, our Five Ways member Dr. Bob Brenneman, from Minnesota, a great
university teacher and promoter of Christian-Muslim relations, has a daughter-in-law
from Antioch, Syria, whose family there lost their homes in the recent earthquake
affecting Turkey and Syria. Bob informed me that those families are simply grateful
they are alive. This weekend, many Christian Churches in the USA are taking up
special collections to help the people of Turkey and Syria rebuild their homes, and bury
their dead. Let us be generous. (Bob’s photo and his presentation as an early speaker
with the Five Ways Fellowship is available on, April 20, 2015).

Finally, the US Catholic Mission Association’s offer to present an interactive webinar
for each Sunday’s Scripture readings begins this Thursday: see below. I hope this
social media innovation will help us see that our Sunday worship involves Mission,
Unity and Dialogue. Oblates have been very supportive of USCMA from the beginning,
especially with Anatole (Benny) Baillargeon helping to create it, Greg Gallagher serving
as a president, 2013-16, and current general councilor for Canada-US Jim Brobst,
during his time as USA vicar-provincial for mission (see

Many thanks to those who commented on the January 10 e-letter.

In Christ’s love,
Fr. Harry Winter, O.M.I