Five Ways – Jan 22

January 11, 2022

Above you will find the color beginning of the VaticanWorld Council of Churches material for this year’s WeekofPrayer for Christian Unity, Jan. 18-25. Most Catholic parishes will have more material, which you may The theme this year is “Abide in My Love….You Shall Bear Much Fruit” (Jn. 15:1-17). These materials include “Homily Notes, Dr. MartinLuther King Jr Day,” which this year is Monday, Jan. 18. There is no doubt this year, with the Black LivesMatter movement, is more important than ever as we continue to overcome the effects of slavery in the USA.

During the Week of Prayer, we pray with more Evangelical Protestants than ever. They are our allies as we approach the Jan.17 and 24 local gatherings to combat the effects of the Roe vs Wade abortion decision, and the Jan. 31 gathering in DC. Will President Biden and Vice-President Harris back off from the controversial position of the Democratic Party on abortion? Will their inauguration on Jan. 20 be peaceful?
The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity seeks to overcome divisions among Christians, so that we deepen the New Evangelization promoted by Pope John Paul II, Pope Benedict and now by Pope Francis with his emphasis on reaching people on the fringes. We remember that the largest denomination in the USA after Roman Catholicism is the number of drop-out Catholics. The Holy Spirit wants to help us reach them.

Many of you have begun reading the Ecumenical Vademecum attached to our December 12 e-letter. It is also at the top of the Mission-Unity-Dialogue website home page ( I hope soon to have some comments posted on it.

Here at our Oblate Tewksbury Residence, we have had no new covid cases. Many thanks for your prayers, and be assured of those of ours from here, that your families stay clear.

In the love of Jesus who unites us,
Father Harry Winter, O.M.I.