Oblate Missiologists

Updated May, 24th 2017

National Workshop on Christian Unity May 2017 praises Oblate Missiologists, click here Use link for OMIUSA Four Oblates...


Letitia Preston Floyd:  A direct descendant, Austin Floyd, has found many more unedited letters of the Floyd Family, at West Virginia University Library.  More about this in the future.

It is fitting that this most spirited defense of a Catholic being able to serve in American politics, was written by the son of Letitia Preston Floyd (see below for our calling her an Oblate missiologist).  Benjamin Rush Floyd penned this in 1852, See how far Catholics have come (and Jews and Southern Baptists and members of other faiths): Please click here

For a unique contribution by the Oblates to the study of Missiology, Ecumenism, and World Religion click here

Oblate Missiologists
includes at least one Oblate missiologist from each of our five geographical regions. First produced as a hard copy in 1997, it is now made available in two versions  on the internet.  

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Ron Rolheiser OMI notes that the Oblates of Mary are the best kept secret in the missionary world.  May this booklet help us become more grateful for the great witness God has enabled us to make.






Roman Catholic and Episcopalian Bishops of Buffalo, NY:  Ecumenism for Evangelization.  Some Oblate Reflections.

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For June 3rd article on Letitia Preston Floyd click here ; for more see box below


Letitia Preston Floyd Rediscovered (see third item below).  Dr. Jim Glanville has recently publicized the importance of Letitia Preston Floyd, with three articles in The Smithfield Review, vol. 19, 2015.  Working with Ryan S. Mays, he published "A Sketch of Letitia Preston Floyd and Some of Her Letters," (pp. 77-120), and "Governor John Floyd, Letitia Preston Floyd and the Catholic Church" (pp. 121-36).  He worked with Fr. Winter and edited the article Fr. Winter originally wrote in 1990 "Letitia Preston Floyd:  Pioneer Catholic Feminist" (pp. 137-45).  Copies of The Smithfield Review may be obtained:  info@smithfieldplantation.org.


Much information on Letitia and her family is available on the website maintained by Dr. Glanville:  www.lynnside.org.

Update on "Thermometer of Missiology":  the accomplishment described at the end of this paragraph is now edited by Marek Rostkowski, OMI, and the 77th volume, for the year 2014, has now grown to 4,727 bibliographical entries, 41 reviews, and 301 journals indexed.  Any publication regarding ecumenism, interfaith dialogue, and social justice, as part of evangelization, is recorded. It has its own website:  Bibliographia Missionaria. Please Click Here

Greg Gallagher OMI; Robert Schreiter, CPPS

The following article from the Summer 2014, Mission Update of the United States Catholic Mission Association (USCMA) explains why the ecumenical American Society of Missiology is so important. Twice Robert Schreiter, CPPS, is presented.  Schreiter has taught many Oblates who have studied at the Chicago Theological Union. 

Greg Gallaher, OMI, is currently President of the USCMA

Click Here and look for pages 6 and 7.

An Oblate Missiologist:  Letitia Preston Floyd (1779-1852)?

In what sense is this woman an Oblate missiologist?  Her influence on spreading Catholicism in the States of WV, Virginia, Kentucky and Tennessee is enormous, through her children whom she encouraged to become Catholic at a time when Catholicism was despised and rejected. She was the sister of a governor of Virginia, James Patton Preston; the wife  of a governor of Virginia, John Floyd;  and the mother of a governor of Virginia, John Buchanan Floyd.

When Fr. James MacGee OMI became pastor of Monroe County, WV, he discovered St. John's Chapel , Sweet Springs, WV, built by Letitia's daughter Letitia Floyd Lewis.  When I succeeded MacGee as pastor, I took up the story of the Floyd's and Lewis'. Below is an article describing the high point, on Aug. 15, 1990, when the bishop of the Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston, Bernard Schmitt,  dedicated the marker on Mrs. Floyd's grave.

Recently a Virginian historian, Jim Glanville, has discovered the article and is mining the correspondence between Mrs. Floyd and  Bishop Vincent Whelan, for her actual entry into the Catholic Church.  We hope to post his article soon.

Thus Mrs. Floyd is an Oblate Missiologist in the sense that she led many into the Catholic Church, and in the sense that Oblates have discovered her influence. Click here for the Aug. 15, 1990 article.

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April 18th 2013 Oblate Convocation.  The interest group on Missionary Ecumenism was presented twice.  Fr. Ron Rolheiser OMI introduced it Harry Winter OMI facilitated and Dan Nassaney OMI concluded each session.  Click here for introductory material

We now have the first doctoral dissertation (1983) done on Father Andre Seumois, OMI.  Click here for the PDF version.

This article of Marcello Zago has appeared in the June 2012 issue of Ecumenical Trends. click here to view BONDING PROCLAMATION, ECUMENISM AND DIALOGUE